Soccer Drills - Soccer Practice Drills and Games
for Recreational Youth Soccer Coaches

Soccer drills and practice games that are fun and teach players how to play soccer.

These soccer drills really work and you will be glad you tried them. They are for Recreational soccer coaches of ages 4 to 16 and are self-teaching. Your players will learn soccer skills by playing these drills.

Soccer practice attendance will improve and your players will enjoy practice and games. Everyone will have more fun with these soccer drills, including the coach. Your players will rapidly improve and your team will win more games.

Our drills involve competition and keep score. They teach players to play soccer at a fast pace so they are prepared for the pressure and speed of real soccer games. Our training drills simulate the conditions players will face in their real soccer games.

The soccer drills you choose will have a huge impact on how your team plays and the skill of individual players. Thousands of soccer coaches have used our drills with great success. The testimonials below are typical of the hundreds we have received from youth soccer coaches.

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Soccer Practice Tips:

  1. Kids love playing games and keeping score. In practice, try to use soccer drills that are games and keep score. Keeping score makes the drills more like a real game and players try harder and learn to play at a fast speed.

  2. Avoid lines and try to keep your players active.

  3. You must have at least one ball per player. Ask players to bring extra balls or buy some extra balls and take them to each practice.

  4. Maximize "touches" on the ball. Try for at least 300 touches per player at each practice.

  5. Teach proper soccer technique and use drills that practice skills or simulate real game conditions. Keeping score will introduce competition and pressure and prepare players to perform under pressure in game conditions and at game speed.

  6. Praise hustle, improvement and a good attitude. Measure each player's performance by his or her personal improvement and effort, and not by comparing them to someone else.

  7. A good soccer drill should be easy and quick to set up by one coach and should be simple to explain and manage. If you are spending too much time on set up or instruction, simplify it. You should be able to play the game in a small area and without special equipment, except for cones or "disk cones". This is important so you can achieve more in your practices and not waste time. Think about the advantages of achieving 25% more in each soccer practice.

  8. If it's not fun, it's not a good soccer drill.

  9. Don't use soccer drills that eliminate or "knock-out" players. For Recreational players, we believe in positive motivation and we don't believe in punishing a child who has tried their best but lost a practice game. Our drills don't make the losers leave the game or run laps. Nor do we use knock-out or elimination games that leave the players who need the most practice on the sidelines.

  10. Limit the amount of time you spend scrimmaging to 10 minutes per hour. In scrimmages, players don't get enough touches on the ball, the weaker players tend to get the fewest touches and bad habits can be reinforced because players tend to do the same things they have always done. If you scrimmage, do so without a goalkeeper and encourage players to work the ball close to the goal before shooting.

Testimonials from Soccer Coaches:

These are typical of the hundreds of testimonials we have received from youth soccer coaches.

My girls practiced Dribble Across A Square, I taught COACHING RULE #3, and, most importantly, we began using the patches for hustle, bravery and sacrifice. Not only did we win our U10 division, we were undefeated! (7-0-1) The 'better coaches' were absolutely upset about losing to us...after all, they 'knew more', they were more experienced, there was no way they should lose to someone who had never even played! Now we have moved up to U11 and we have begun the season 2-0. I cannot thank you enough!" Coach AB, TN USA

"I am a first year coach and have developed my practice and game strategies around the information I have read on SoccerHelp. Our team went 8-1-1 and finished second. The girls on my U10 team had never played together before and they got better as the season progressed. They are having fun and learning the sport. The girls would complain that practice was over. You just don't achieve this by running laps and drills. I know, my 11 year old who I don't coach dreads going to her practices and complains that it just isn't fun. Practice Games work. Keep up the good advice. There are those of us who really appreciate it." Coach Dave, USA

"The SoccerHelp system works. I played soccer for 14 years, but coaching kids is different. We're U-12 playing U-14. We've won our last 3 games by a combined 14-6 after losing our first 2 and every game last Spring". Coach Chad, USA

"Against the same competition that we'd previously gone a combined 3-10-1 against in the past two outdoor seasons, we finished a combined 9-2-2. Our two losses were to a team that averaged two years older per position and had previously beaten us 7-0 last fall. We lost 2-0 and 3-2. Our two ties were against our archrival that had beaten us 5-0 last fall." Coach Nick, Michigan

"The concepts that you teach on SoccerHelp Premium are easy for recreational players to understand and, perhaps more importantly, really do lend clarity to the key teaching points of the game. The field positioning concepts and 1 v. 1 win the ball games helped reinforce things that were extremely important to the team against solid competition. The girls ended up winning three of their last four games and played to a dead even 0-0 match in the post-season tournament finals. They received trophies for finishing second in the tournament and everybody was extremely excited with how they played. Thank you so much!!" Coach Blair, U-11, former college player

"I started coaching in the spring this year and with the help of SoccerHelp we had a very good season. I coached a rec team (U-12 coed) and we went 8-2-0 finishing second in our division. We also scored the most goals (41) and our defense was third (20) in goals allowed. That was with 13 kids and 2 of them had never played before. Your web site, DVDs and patches are great. I have learned a lot and my kids enjoy the incentive patches. With all the practice games and touches on the ball my kids are having a blast. I receive good feedback from the parents telling me their child has played for 3 or 4 years and never had this much fun." Coach Ed, MS, USA

"The difference in everyone's play, since we started with the practice games and patches is amazing. I started the season's first practice without SoccerHelp, and most of the kids were lethargic, unexcited, and bored. My wife found your site, and I realized that your training "principles" made lots of sense. (every kid has a ball in practice, no lines, several hundred touches on the ball in practice each, etc.). We are half way through our "season" and have won all games except for the second game. Our greatest success was winning against a team (and coach) that has been undefeated for 3 seasons. Most of the league players all go to the same school, and the players on the other team had bragged (understandably) about their record at school, and my players were nervous about the game. We had a practice 2 days before the "big game", as always, we did your practice games – cone relay race, square dribble, and throw in practice, along with an offence against defense game. On Saturday morning, Before the game we warmed up, and did your 2 practice games again. It was the best kids soccer game I have ever seen, both teams played as hard and aggressive as I've ever seen 9 year olds play, it was very exciting. We won the game 1-0. I was so proud of them, everyone received several patches, as every player was a star.

SoccerHelp has definitely made me a better coach, and shown me how to motivate and create better players. " Coach Michael, U-10